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Old memories and photos,
so long they caused me pain.
Everything about you,
would make me so ashamed.

For so long I thought you were like the others,
and for so long I was wrong.
It was my mistake,
and because of that you're gone.

I was so ready to put you in the past,
forget what we had,
forget about us.

I didn't know at the time,
but what you did was for the best.
We shared a wonderful friendship,
and we shouldn't put that to rest.

Now looking at the pictures,
bring a smile to my face.
We shared pure happiness,
and that doesn't have to end.

We can't have what we had then,
but we can still share something great.
Hopefully one day,
we can both look back.
And smile at what once was.
This is a poem I actually just wrote last night. I really like it. It's about me forgiving my ex, and realizing that no matter what I still love him. I know he didn't mean to hurt me, and we should continue be best friends, like we always have been. The inspiration came to me late last night, I was cleaning up my room a bit and came across pictures from first they made me really sad, then i started remembering how much of a great time it was...
tm24fan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Another great one, you've still got it even after all that time it looks like!
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